Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Diary of a Dancer(as if dancing is my daily routine)..

An opportunity to learn the art of dance from International Choreographers prompted me to register for a short 12 hours(or maybe more) of rehearsals heading toward an event this month.

Rehearsal started today, we(my colleagues and I) were kiasu enough to leave the office at 5.30pm and we were like the first few participants to reach the training room in our other office.

Saw a familiar face outside the training room, but can't grasp hold of his name.  After a brief introduction of the instructors, then it dawn on me that we have mutual friends.  What a coincidence.  But then in the world of dance, we are bound to bump into the instructors and/or dancers who move in this circle.

Before we went in to the room, I heard the all familiar Besame and La Vida Es Un Carnaval and loads of cheery songs.  How I miss socials!!

The steps are quite easy to grasp.  With some merengue thrown in as well.

Can't wait till tomorrow's rehearsal! Long live the art of dance.  

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Salsa Event, ala Malaysia Style!

SALSALAH 2013, a much anticipated(me, myself & I) salsa event on Kuala Lumpur's own ground.

From 16th - 17th August 2013: 1 day workshops and 1 night of salsa party.

The price:
(Early bird price are available until 04th August 2013).

And the Workshops schedule:

 Not forgetting the Instructors:

1. Gupson from Singapore
2. Renaud from Canada
3. Tania from Canada
4. Reyno from Indonesia
5. Suci from Indonesia
6. Sao Mai from Vietnam
7. Johny from Vietnam
8. JR Gotengco from Philippines
9. Zee and Dalena from Singapore

If you're interested, do logon to your Facebook account and point to:

Disclaimer: All information are correct as at date and time of this posting!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Another Salsa Party(+Workshops) 26th - 28th July 2013

Am counting down to my 1st(and post exam) salsacation this year.

- 2 nights of salsa party
- 2 days of workshops by some of the best salsa artist; Magna Gopal, Super Mario, Adolfo, Tania, Neeraj and Gosia.

- Overseas Full Pass at SGD190 only guys!

If you are interested, just hop over to http://www.salsaholics.sg/

Now, back to revisions while searching for the nearest hotel for that date!


Disclaimer: all names, dates and price correct at date/time of this post.  For any changes/updates, please check the website and/or contact the organizer.

Saturday, March 02, 2013

Updates of KL's salsa clubs for month of March 2013

Updates of salsa clubs' availability in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia:

@ 24th March 2013

Paradiso will be hosting salsa for the last time on 29th March 2013.  After which the club will be closed for renovation for 2 months with high probability of no salsa after.

The (or most of the) community is looking for alternative as of to date.


@ 10th March 2013

Shivz will no longer host salsa on Saturdays(nor any other days) due to its management's decision.  For a Saturday salsa stint, please proceed to Modesto, or maybe Qba.


@ 02nd March 2013

The Venue, Pavilion - the management has changed Sunday's salsa to salsa on Thursdays, w.e.f. 07/03/2013.

It means there will not be any venue for Sunday's salsa in Kuala Lumpur starting from March 2013.

Hopefully there will be one soon.

Shivz, Bangsar - 1st Saturday of the month is zouk night.  The rest of the Saturdays are for Salsa(unless there is any private function).

Paradiso - still remain as a preferred venue for Friday's salsa.  Please visit the link on the right of the screen for the club's address/website(where available).

Should you need any directions to these clubs, do post your comment in this post or write in the chatbox on the right as well.

For chatbox messages, please note that you will need to key in the anti spamming code(no better word for it) as I found that there are too many spammers leaving messages at the chatbox.


Sunday, April 29, 2012

Singapore International Salsa Festival(SISF) 2012 is on!!!

Woo hoo!!

SISF is on this year, after last year's hiatus!!

This piece of news was announced on 1st April during the 3rd Annual Outcast Salsa Competition!

Was contemplating with a fellow salsera on checking out Bangkok Salsa Festiva, which normally also falls on October, but since SISF is on.. Singapore, here we come!

No information on the actual venue yet, though for the past few years(except last, which is nil), it was held at Pasir Ris.

The dates though will be from 12th to 15th October!

Their website is http://www.sisf.com.sg/ (no need to check it out yet, cause it's still renovation in progress)!!

Stay tune for more updates(hopefully soon)!

Todate, 26th May 2012: SISF's website is fully furnished!

Do proceed to http://www.sisf.com.sg/ for more detailed information. Prices and venue for the event are all there.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Updates on salsa venues!

will be updating this post about salsa venues (in case of any cancellation, minor changes, etc).

As at 03rd Feb 2013:

Shivz will no longer be hosting salsa on Sunday with effect from February 2013.  Instead they will host salsa on Saturday night, except for 1st Saturday of the month.

08th Feb 2013: There will be no salsa at Lodge Paradize this coming Friday due to the Chinese New Year Festival break(as announced by the management of Lodge).

09th Feb 2013: No salsa at Shivz as well due to the Chinese New Year weekend.

10th Feb 2013: Salsa at The Venue, Pavilion is on this date! 

As at 22nd Feb 2012:
No salsa at Aliyaa on 22/02/2012 as there will be a private function at the same place.


Sunday, February 19, 2012

3rd Annual Outcast Salsa Competition - 2012

Dear Salseras/Salseros,

 The 3rd Annual Outcast Salsa Competition is going to be on 1st April 2012.

This year, the organizer has extended participation beyond Malaysian borders.

Come support your friends and fellow salseras/salseros and enjoy socal dancing with dancers from around the region!!

This is a ticketed event priced at RM40 per person before the 1st of April.

Ticket prices are RM50 on the day of the competition.

Venue: Eastin Hotel, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

 For more information, please checkout: Facebook-3rd Annual Outcast Salsa Competition

If you are interested, either to compete or be a spectator only, please contact Gavin Chan at +60122495785 or outcastdancer@gmail.com for further details. 

You will need to register to compete!!

ps. Should you not receive any replies from the contacts above, or unable to view the Facebook page, do leave a comment on the chatbox or comment in this post.